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I’m glad you’ve found me here at This Extra Day. Many of you are going through a huge personal transition. You’re not alone. I have been walking a long bridge since my diagnosis of cancer eleven years back, and I am here to help you over some of those pointy rocks.

One thing I believe helps many people is to journal, or to find some simple expression on a daily basis. For many of us, blogging has become that special vehicle, connecting us to each other, providing a ready platform for our expression.

Would you like to start blogging too? Then follow along here with me. I’m an experienced writer and blogger, but This Extra Day is my new blog, where I’ll experiment, exchange thoughts with you, and answer your questions about the online world. Let’s stay connected. Okay?

Here are some of the things you’ll read about on This Extra Day.

TRAVEL– I’m road-tripping around helping local cafes to use modern media for their marketing, giving free talks to communities, and consulting on modern marketing. I’ll be highlighting organic foods, community gathering resources, and other sustainable businesses. I’m into community and healthy connection. I know a lot about how it works, so I’ll be talking about that.

More travel — You’ll read about my trip to Baja to visit the grey whales, a very heartfelt desire to connect to these great beasts.

WRITING — If you want to write or journal, I will be providing a lot of support for that. Journaling is one of my main tools for making it from moment to moment. I’ll share how I wrote my book, “Open Here,” and how it ended up being published by Sourcebooks as “Little Shifts.”

FICTION — I am writing a novel and publishing it experimentally, in chapters, through modern publishing tools. You can see how I’m doing that. If you’re a fiction writer, you might be inspired by the way this works these days. Storytellers, traveling from town to town and sharing by the campfire.

VISION AND ART — I’ll be sharing more tools with you like I shared in my book, “Little Shifts.”

Much more to come. What would you like to know about?


Suzanna Stinnett

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