Fonts DOA while ebooks shift the power

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yellow light shining on comma-shaped benches

The following quote from Typography Daily, in the post “Books in the age of the iPad,” sums up one thing I’ll be talking about a lot on this blog.

“Whether you like it or not, the future of typography is tied to the future of the technology it will be displayed on.”

E-book publishing is an art form. I am warming up (a lot) to the absence of formatting. It means I can forget about how I’m going to fancy up my content with fonts and spacing. It means I can lean into the words, the words, the words, for the power that they absolutely are, and let language do what language does, deep, deep, in the reader’s brain.

I can feel my writerly brain starting a slow, slanting skid across to this art form that makes ebooks readable.

FORGET FONTS. Oh, I love fonts. But keep them for the flyer that you post in the two remaining bulletin boards in town. Realize that the reader of the ebook gets to choose all kinds of goofy colors and fonts and backgrounds, and your words better ride higher than any of it.

Be the writer. Not the typesetter. Be the wordsmith. Fall backwards now into the water that clears your mind of everything but your story. Write it.

I hope this lasts for a few weeks before everything changes again. I’ve got stories to publish.

Unfontably yours,


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