Smashwords and You: 21st Century Publishing Vehicle

book cover for 5511 chapbook of poetry provides a tremendous service for distributing your e-books (and things you don’t yet know are ebooks!) to all the different e-readers.

March 7-13 is Read an E-book Week, so I’m participating in this huge promotion by putting up all my offerings through Smashwords.

Do you have any materials hanging around your desk that could be turned into an e-book? It’s an art form: Content only — that means forget fancy formatting. You will need to format to fit Smashwords so they can distribute across all these platforms.

Stick around – I’ll be talking about how we writers can utilize this narrow criteria as an art form in itself. Writing without formatting focuses you on content. That, plus the hokey pokey, is what it’s all about.

See me on Smashwords: Brainmaker

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