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~~>Read an E-book Week kicks off March 7th and runs through March 13th. <~~

I’ve been looking for the perfect collaborator to carry all of my books as well as to host my fiction experiment. Must say, I’m super excited about Smashwords, for many reasons.

SMASHWORDS! is the place where indie authors* can put their work into multiple channels of digital distribution. Smashwords is participating by offering a premium catalog of their authors at a 50% discount. Many more Smashwords books will also be offered free or reader-sets-the-price.

Mark Coker, the originator of Smashwords, sent out a lengthy explanation of the current challenges and solutions at Smashwords, what to expect, and the coming additions to distribution channels. In his email to Smashwords authors, he makes it crystal clear that the updating (and upgrading and reconfiguring and everything else that goes on all the time) is all tailored to create the best possible reader experience.

No foolin’ around
See how focused that is? It’s not about pleasing the authors or conforming to any marketing fads or having some flashy software. It’s about the reader experience. Mark clearly knows that there is no other criteria worth worrying about. If we authors who use Smashwords can funnel our work into the devices that our readers are using, and keep our readers happy with a seamless experience, everybody wins. End of marketing story.

You’ll be seeing a lot of articles here on This Extra Day about the experience of writing to a readership and publishing into current digital formats. While I love a print book every bit as much as any of you, (I was practically raised in a Carnegie library), the facts of life loom large for publishing and for all writers big and small. Print comes at an enormous cost of resources. Few books are truly worth the expense of natural resources to bring them to print in the 21st century. I’d say the bulk of the books which qualify are classics already. (Some exceptions are books which can be updated and offered digitally after purchase, like O’Reilly does.)

And here’s the juicy part. Authors who train themselves into the art form that is digital+distribution have a real shot at making a living as writers.

Git yer Smashwords on! Head over to the site and pick up some great new ebooks — big discounts during Read an E-Book Week!

Here’s where you can see my offerings, and browse around from there: Suzanna’s Smashwords

Keep writing.

*Indie authors are independent authors who publish at no cost or very low cost using tools of modern communication, unlike vanity publishing which is how you put a book into print at great personal cost regardless of its value or lack thereof.  Both of these modes are actually self-publishing. Indie authors are distinguished by their commitment to excellent work, revising and editing professionally, offering improved revisions of their books at no charge, choosing cutting-edge media to distribute and market their work, and building loyal readerships by consistently publishing high quality books.

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