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Kicking off today’s launch, I want to tell you right away about Third Tribe. You can go through the link there on my blog and see how the originators present what Third Tribe is. It’s mainly described as an internet marketing educational and networking community. That’s true, and I’ll add my impressions after being a member for the first month of its existence.

Third Tribe is a brilliant convergence of community and commerce and tech tools and leadership. All of those things are big and up front in Third Tribe. The leadership is stellar, 3T was formed by some of the best of the best educators, innovators and leaders in everything to do with modern communication. The community, which is new and big and growing, is providing me with a place to go for every question I have as I continue to build my own web community and learn how to lead and how to prosper using online tools as part of my overall life. Check it out. If it’s right for you, join us. I am an affiliate, which means that in addition to having you as a new community member when you join, I also benefit by receiving a commission. Affiliate relationships are part of the foundation of online commerce, and about the most logical evolution of collaboration I’ve seen so far.

Whether you want to join Third Tribe or not, you’ll get the benefit of my rapid advancement with these tools, just by being on my blog and being in my own community. I’ll be talking about what is going on there, what it means to me, and how I see it functioning in the future. That’s also some juicy collaboration.

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(That’s me at the upper right corner of the photograph. My mom is the redhead with the white cat-eye glasses. Very early tribe stuff.)

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