What if your e-book looks awful?

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notes and journals and more notes on paper

E-Book formatting is an art. Are you up to the challenge? (Wow, you mean you’re a gifted writer, and an editor, and a designer too?)

Hold on, the art is evolving. With multiple e-readers now being widely used, you may be able to forget about formatting (almost!) and focus on your content.  I talk about this new multi-platform world and what it means to today’s writer in one of my letters to my subscribers. If you’re thinking about writing an e-book, in the midst of the jungle, or wondering what’s up with digital publishing, I think you will enjoy my series with the E-Book Fairy. You can also read about publishing and writing here on my blog, but I also write some special stuff just for my subscribers.

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See you in the forest! I’m the one with the sparkly wand.

Suzanna Stinnett
and the E-Book Fairy

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