Night full of stars at BABS

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Bay Area Bloggers Society was hosted by VideoBlog Marketing in Sausalito – with a great presentation by owner Mary Cary, and plenty of answers on blogging, video, and podcasting by attendees.

As the founder of BABS, it’s super gratifying to me to have an evening with so many people sharing information and learning about each other as well as the tools of the trade. I had a blast tonight! And I learned a lot. Since I’m about to buy a pocket video camera, I was very interested in what Fred Greene, of Greene Creative, had to say about the Kodak Zi8 versus the Flip Ultra HD. Fred has experience with both cameras. That’s the kind of expertise I needed to make my decision. And that kind of knowledge-sharing is precisely why I created BABS.

Shari Weiss has a lot of experience doing quick videos while attending classes and talks at conferences, and she informed us with some tips on getting the job done. We also heard from Janet Tokerud, Sally Kuhlman, and others with lively ideas after Mary’s presentation. Oh, and those yummy brownies from Marilyn (@fun_master on Twitter), and dee-lish sushi and snacks from Sally. Thanks you guys!

Our next BABS meeting is June 29th, and we will have Fred Greene sharing the world of podcasting. Fred has produced a podcast every week for four years — quite an accomplishment! Head over to the BABS Meetup to stay informed about what’s next. Be sure to watch the video below, which was made courtesy of VideoBlog Marketing.

See you soon!

Suzanna Stinnett

Bay Area Bloggers Society

Our new video:

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2 Responses to Night full of stars at BABS

  1. Kathy Stinnett says:

    Wow, Sis, you look great! How did you learn to perform so well on video? I think you’ve been secretly taking acting classes and didn’t tell me. The music is just right too, and your interaction with that muppet thing and with your audience. I love it!

  2. Suzanna Stinnett says:

    Gosh, thanks seester, I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I have to say it helped a lot that I was in a professional studio and working with Mary and Ted. I asked for some music like Vince Guaraldi, and Mary found the perfect sounds. She is a serious pro with this stuff. The muppet thing is Melba the orangutan. She will be appearing in many videos to come.

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