BABS June 30th Overview

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Welcome to the “links and looks” post for Bay Area Bloggers Society Meetup on June 30th.

I’ve decided to start posting our notes rather than printing handouts for the individual Meetups. These notes will also be available by email so you can print them if you like. Just pop me a message at if you’d like to have the PDF.



BABS is a recognized User Group!

O’Reilly Media’s community engagement specialist Jonathon Johns contacted me last week offering sponsorship from O’Reilly by way of their User Group Program. This wonderful news came with offers of books for our raffle, ebook coupons which access their digital catalogue, and other supportive ideas. I’m still exploring the territory of being recognized as a User Group Leader. Great stuff! I announced our raffle of several cool new books from O’Reilly.

On Accessibility:

I introduced Glenda Watson Hyatt, our global community leader in teaching web accessibility for visually challenged and other-challenged web users. I’m participating in her class and sharing some of what I am learning with the BABS group.

Follow Glenda on Twitter: @GlendaWH

See Glenda’s blog, Do It Myself: The Accessibility 100 Posts

Action One: You can begin to make your blog more accessible by adding “alt text” to your images. This is an excellent beginning to orient yourself toward the needs of low-vision users and others who use speech tools to experience your blog content.

Action Two: Learn the acronym “POUR” for your blog. Glenda covers this extensively on her site.

Action Three: Go to and read the Principles of Readability.

Questions I’m Asking

I can see how “publishing,” which bloggers are doing every day, along with ebook publishers and other forms of web content publishing, is starting to meld into “producing.” As I refine the way I want to present my own educational material, I am moving more toward video, particularly “screencasting,” which combines action video with capturing what’s on the screen and puts it all into a YouTube-able product. I see how I’m intrigued by the aspects of show production, and all the pieces that are required for that to fly.

The question set I posed for the group tonight is this:

Is publishing of digital content melding with producing?

Are web publishers being producers?

Is it useful to think of publishing as a form of entertainment production?

How does this affect writers who consider how their work will be marketed?


Tonight’s Presenter, Fred Greene

I introduced Fred Greene of Greene Creative Services and Fred gave us an outstanding talk on podcasting – in spite of our inability to hook up to the projector so we could see the nice Power Point slides he made.

Fred has performed the duties of podcaster for over four years, on his Golf Smarter podcast. He knows the whole magillah related to producing these shows, interviewing people, and making sure it is deliverable to his listeners. Everyone learned a great deal tonight about the business and process of podcasting. Thanks Fred!

Clickable image of the Golf Smarter Podcast with golfball on the grass

We all had lots of questions for Fred.

Fred Greene presenting on podcasting at BABS in front of the green screen

After Fred’s presentation, we had our raffle drawing. Six BABS attendees went home with new goodies from O’Reilly.

Big shout-out to Mary Cary of VideoBlog Marketing, who continues to support BABS by offering her green-screen studio for our meetings in Sausalito. Kisses!

Thanks to every one for making it a great night! Stay tuned to the MeetUp – the next BABS gathering will be announced soon.

And a big thank you to Jon Johns and O’Reilly Media for all the user groups you support.

~Suzanna Stinnett

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