Curb your evangelism

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It’s late, so this will be short. I’ve been reading some sales material that implies powerful results in short time periods. Social media stuff.

There’s a lot of this material out there. I’ve been working in the amazing playground of online communication for about ten years, and teaching and consulting with people to help them use these tools for the past three. I’ve spoken to groups and worked one on one with all kinds of people.

I can tell you there is one thing perfectly consistent: Humans are stuck with human-scale and human-speed. We develop relationships alongside the rhythm of our heartbeat. If it goes too fast it becomes unstable.

We can get really excited by charismatic teachers and I think it’s quite natural to fall in love with the potential of the exponential. I’m an evangelist: I know we can orchestrate profoundly beautiful change with these tools. It’s happening.

But not overnight. It takes more than two days to progress from beginner to advanced on a social media tool, and I’d advise you to be very cautious about giving your money to someone who makes it seem otherwise. It takes more than a couple of months to reveal your value and attract continued interest. I’d say it takes about two years to round out a web presence and establish your juicy community. That’s two years of focused, intense-learning-curve, collaborative sharing and growth.

That’s what I want to say tonight.

Play for real, stay in love, and don’t be a stranger.


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