Instant skills: Just add water, time, intention, focus, chocolate

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Are you way out on the cutting edge of today’s communication tools? (Are you sure?) I’m out there, but I think that edge is kinda broad. More focused learning is required, because I want to have more fun, help more great clients, and bring more of my creative soul into my work. So here I go.

July is learning month. Not that I’m ever excused from the constant learning curves. But this month, and on deep into August, I am focusing on the highest priority and highest quality learning now available to me as I work toward my goals.

I’d like to share this learning experience with my readers. This is the first post as I assemble the materials I’ll be studying.

About the classes, “free bonuses,” and how I pace myself
(A synopsis and the whole list of what I’m learning is at the bottom of this post)

Sean d’Souza’s Brain Alchemy Masterclass
Through his company Psychotactics, Sean has begun to release some of his workshops into the free-verse. I’m one of the fortunate people who signed up for this first one. It’s really a big commitment. Accepting valuable material, whether you pay a lot of money, a little, or none at all, is a kind of contract. At least I think so.

Quick aside on freebies and bonuses
I can’t even count all the “freebies” and “bonuses” I have been given over the years as I’ve developed my professional life on the web. Frankly, I’ve stopped valuing bonuses which come with some $97 or $197 or $1297 product. I know the background, how this works, and that there’s an endless supply of material for the online marketer to push to their followers, free of charge. Who has time to make use of this? It’s actually a downside.

The more bonuses I am offered in a sales letter, the less I value the product.

MEMO to Online Marketers: If you can’t tell me why I should pay for the product you have prepared, then no type or amount of bonuses will move me. Clear enough?

I hope we are getting onto even ground here. I am trying to convey to you that when Sean d’Souza offers one of his products for free, I will assertively make my way to the front of the line. By the way, it may be true that people don’t value things they don’t pay for. But in this case, I know I am sitting on gold and my intention is to learn and implement everything Sean teaches.

So when I began receiving this class, which Sean delivered in planned installments that he knows work best for assimilation, I knew I would have to hold on to them until now. And oh, I’ve put them on my iPod Shuffle, so I can walk, walk, walk while I learn, learn, learn.

Learning makes me nervous
Like most entrepreneurs I am always busy shaping my products and services, streamlining my marketing, and keeping an eye out for that special part of the cutting edge I want to develop. It’s a huge brain task. It keeps me more busy than I want.

Pushing myself to focus on developing new skills means pulling focus away from those daily tasks – with intention. I am committing to six weeks of this. At least two weeks of it will be deep focus, with a bare minimum of time spent answering emails and holding up the walls I’ve constructed. That’s scary.

Two weeks for video
Mixed with the scary is the excited part where I develop a big new brain area around everything video. Video ROCKS. It speaks to the visual artist in me and offers tons of opportunity at the cutting edge of web marketing. So, so much there and so, so fun.

At least that’s what Dave Kaminski of Web Video University said in his interview with Darren Rowse on Third Tribe. I’m leaning heavily on his assertion that once you get some skills under your belt, it really starts to be fun. That’s where I’m going. Fun video land. Oh boy.

Alan Lastufka, in The Insider’s Guide to YouTube, said that the way to learn something is to read up, experiment, take notes, review notes, and experiment some more. This post is part of both note-taking and experimenting. I learn well when I teach something. That’s in there too. Are you learning anything from this? (Say yes! Say yes!)

Dave Kaminski echoes this with “Don’t get hung up on equipment. The equipment is not nearly as important as gaining experience.”

Wiping my appointment calendar clean and committing to a schedule of intentional learning are the first two steps to pace this brain adventure. After I get this post up, I’ll do a mind map of all the material. I’ll look at the kinds of brain areas in demand for these learning curves, and create a pattern of engagement that sounds like fun. It has to be dynamic. Whether I follow it or not remains to be seen, but if it makes sense on paper, at least I have something to work with (or push against).

*I’m sending myself to self-school, July and August.
*Accepting course material is a contract with the author.
*Are you kidding? Keep your free bonuses. Who has time.
*New skills happen when you experiment with what you’re learning.
*Video ROCKS.
*Keep the brain happy by creating a dynamic pattern of engagement.
*Let people know what you’re doing.

Sean d’Souza’s Brain Alchemy Masterclass
Glenda Watson Hyatt’s BAM: Blog Accessibility Mastermind
Screenflow Tutorials and practice videos
Michael Phillips’ Marketing Without Advertising Video classes, Mac proficiency, iMovie, iLife
Apple Store classes on Mac proficiency
O’ User Group Leader planning material
Alan Lastufka and Michael Dean’s “YouTube: An Insider’s Guide”
Third Tribe better citizen class (participate regularly) (Link through graphic on the right)

Accountability Section (SMILE)

Monday Recap, July 5th
Bad news and Good news.
Here’s the bad news: My iPod Shuffle is not playing Sean’s recordings audibly. I’ve cleared it and reloaded one piece at a time to try to get something I can hear. But no, it seems to play one track. Until I can figure something out here, I’ll have to listen on my laptop.

Here’s the good news:
In spite of a very late start after yesterday’s celebratory expenditure of energy, (it was fun!) I have completed the Monday lesson from Glenda Watson Hyatt on accessibility, studied the YouTube book, made a bunch of notes on that, and showed up on Third Tribe. I was able to help out with some feedback on Third Tribe requests, that always feels good. I also did a block of poetry writing – yay! – helps me feel like me. And I interacted with my business coach about what we are doing this month. Next, some follow up on new people I met yesterday, authors with interest in Bay Area Bloggers Society, and then more work on the video world.

Talk back, okay?

How did your day go? Are you keeping your hands in the clay? I’d love to hear some of your challenges and little triumphs. It all counts, you know.

Suzanna Stinnett

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Addendum, July 11th. I have now wobbled through some 8 hours of training on iMovie and Garage Band through Evidence: My new movie. A kind of response to seeing women walking in the Avon Walk, and matching up some wacky footage (is it footage when it’s digital?) I took with my laptop camera. Here is the 2nd version, on YouTube, where it’s supposed to be:

Cancer Did Not Win: Still Here, Version 2

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  1. Kim Nelson says:

    As usual, Suzanna, this post is synchronous and timely. A wanna-be manuscript has nagged at me for months — and I really want to do it– but I’ve filled my schedule with other projects and activities. Your article verifies that it’s time to commit to the story, and then honor the commitment. Thank you!

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