What led to that tweet

diver with a huge school of silver bodied fish


Wandering the new Whole Foods in Novato, I saw that they stopped carrying krill oil (an extremely high grade source of omega fats). They posted an explanation saying that they were investigating the sustainability of this product.

Krill oil is amazing, and expensive, and I’d love to consume it every day. So would many of my whale friends. Is there enough to go around?

I learned about krill oil from Tim Ferriss. Tim does a lot of smart things. This morning I was wondering if Tim considers the impact on the resource, or if he has a personal criteria of some sort that guides his consumption of resources.

That’s what led to this tweet:

“The highest form of intelligence knows how its daily actions impact its resources, and calibrates accordingly.”

It just makes sense to me. I can’t tell you I’m walking around with that kind of intelligence. But I’d like to.

How do you determine if your regular actions are sustainable? Or logical in the long-term view?

Suzanna Stinnett
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