The trusty blog remains core to conversation

View of sailboats and Mt Tam through porthole on now defunct ship Wapama________________________________________________________________________

We know more now than we knew then

After I read Clay Shirky’s book “Cognitive Surplus,” I understood why I am still so interested in blogs and how they drive change in the culture of communication.

I’ll talk more about Shirky’s concepts later, but for now let me say that the core of all our online conversation is easily handled by the wonderful thing called a blog. Blogs mean that darn near everyone can join in. Shirky helped me see both sides of that equation, but the up side is that we have a new world of interaction and radically changed opportunities for business. Because of blogs.

Your world through a porthole

The image of a view through a porthole is part of how I explain what we are doing. We’re offering a perspective – best case is a balanced, artful vignette – of the world through our own filters. That may sound narcissistic but it’s actually curation. We’re curators, and the world at large needs us. Show us your window and the view through it. Give us your snapshot of the world. Tell us why it looks like that. We want to understand.

I’ll be back after #blogchat to say more. (Okay. My next post will be about how I think Twitter gives us back the world.)

Hang tight. Magic is afoot.


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