Tweethearts Sale on Kindle

I’d like to hand deliver a beautiful chocolate treat to every one of you on Valentine’s Day. Cupid has such a cool job!

Tweethearts 99 cent sale on Kindle

But here’s what I’ll do since I can’t fly around with little white wings and a crossbow (not yet anyway):

I’ve put the price of 5 of my writer’s guides on Kindle at 99 cents – just for you, my lovelies! Here’s what you’ll find over at my Amazon page:

The Modern Writer’s Combo (the best deal! 3 in 1!)
Contains the Author’s Checklist, Turn Blog Posts into Kindle Books, and Writers on the Web. This special Combo is available for two weeks only.
Modern Writer’s Combo

15 Radical Acts to Connect You to Your Imagination
A special excerpt from “Open Here,” these 15 Acts are keys to creativity.
15 Radical Acts to connect you to your imagination

The Kindle Author’s Checklist for Publishing New Content
What you will need to jump into the Kindle writer’s universe. Succinct! And great for beginners or authors who are taking control of their writing and publishing world.
Kindle Author’s Checklist for Publishing New Content

Quantum Bleep: The Art of Visualizing (You just need a carton of eggs)
No one should be left out of the powerful experience of rich visualizing. But not everyone is good at it. Unusual descriptive exercises for better use of our amazing brains.
Quantum Bleep: The art of visualizing – A playful approach to a powerful concept

Turn Your Blog Posts Into Kindle Books (and into an income stream!)
It’s time to wrap your writer’s mind around the diverse options for publishing on Kindle. Do you have some great content that is not getting enough attention? I bet you do.
Turn Your Blog Posts Into Kindle Books (SmartReaders Digest)

You can look at them all on my Tweethearts store if you like (click here).

Wishing you a strong and open heart,
Suzanna Stinnett

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