Why I Focus on Amazon and Kindle

eBook cover for How to Produce a Series
Digital publishing is entering a new era of interest and activity. Lots of channels for delivery are all grown up, and more professional writers are realizing this is a valid route.

The big players are drumming up their publishing wars, too. Amazon is way ahead from what I can see. Apple has some catching up to do but they play with very big sticks. And there are others.

The reason I’m focused on Kindle right now and the other options offered through Amazon is that their world is big enough. Big enough to warrant close attention and a time investment. Eventually I will work my way through all the different pathways Amazon has created (brilliantly) for writers and publishers. I’ll have my kingdom mapped out and my products all shiny in the store windows.

This takes time. When you sell products online, you have to find a focal point. Let that focal point dictate your time and activity in all the rest of the wheel spokes. I’m choosing Amazon for this phase of my writer-turned-publisher life.

Find How to Produce a Series now on Amazon: For writers moving courageously into the new world.

Be well and keep writing,
Suzanna Stinnett
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