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BABS was created to support learning tech tools in your local community. We are an O’Reilly Media sponsored user group, for content creators, modern publishers, blog owners, and new media users. Our members are on the continuum from “just thinking about it” to “professionals” who teach and consult for the web. In our meetings, we discuss our web presence, our content, e-publishing, blogs, marketing, and the many tools and techniques of a successful, productive online presence. We have members who blog for their businesses, writers who use blogging as a creative tool, and other innovations.


This community group was formed around blogging, because blogs are the natural centralized web location for conveying who you are and what you do. Many tools of web communication have evolved since we first started blogging. Still, the blog holds fast as an accessible way for people to ground their vision, their business, their concepts and their communities.

You don’t need to have a blog to benefit from the diverse membership of BABS and the many kinds of information we explore and learn in our meetings.

Come join your community, meet your fellow web users, learn new skills and share what you know.

Here’s where you can find our announcements:

BABS on Meetup.com

Please take a moment to get on the MeetUp site, and then you’ll be kept up to date on everything happening in the BABS world.

BABS has also evolved new small groups, where we support each other in the e-publishing world. You can learn more about this form of collaboration here:


Thank you!
Suzanna Stinnett, Founder of the BABS Community and ePubClubs

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