ancient looking green book with gold writing ebook fairyThe eBook Fairy is right out of my imagination’s playroom. I use all sorts of creative devices to keep myself engaged in learning curves, and to maintain a ready willingness to work with technology’s high demands.

I’m excited about developments on Amazon.com, especially what they now have in place for writers bringing new content to publish on Kindle. Join us on Twitter every other Friday at 3 pm PST for the ePubChat I host. Learn more about forming your own group to support success with your ebooks here at my ePubClub site: ePubClubs

You do not need a Kindle device to read Kindle books! Just download the free Kindle app for your computer, and you have access to the low Kindle prices for lots of great material.

Here’s The 4-Hour Publisher
The 4-Hour Publisher – Why, when and how to publish on Kindle, Market and manage your projects

See you soon!

Suzanna Stinnett and the eBook Fairy

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