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What’s this site all about?
This is my personal site, where I write to my readership about the real life stuff. I want to get to know you, and let you get to know me. I invite you to be a beginner here, as a blogger, a writer, a traveler, and as women and men living through all that life presents. I am an 11 year survivor of breast cancer. If you are dealing with this illness either yourself or with family or a friend, I want to give you a window into the vibrance of life alongside the many faces of cancer.

What kinds of products do you sell?
I have several ebooks available through Amazon for the Kindle. You can also read these on a free Kindle app which you can put on your computer or smart phone.

Be sure to see The Sugar Divorce, my book about radical improvements in my health & fitness after 50.

What services do you offer?
You can see my services on this site: SuzannaStinnett.com.

How long have you been online?
I first entered an online art community in 1990, through the service called Prodigy. I also joined The Well around that time. After that, I was one of the early members of a community online group called Wacco in west Sonoma County which grew to 3,000 members and is now a website with over 10,000 local members. I used the Internet to study extensively about cutting-edge publishing and how to write a book that could be effectively marketed, while going through cancer treatment and writing the book that eventually was published as “Little Shifts.” My first blog was in 2006, and was called Brain Whisperers.

What’s the fiction thing?
I am a fiction writer who tends to write a lot of nonfiction, and I am stepping up my commitment to produce fiction. I want to publish experimentally, offering chapters online for a small fee, so I invite you to follow this experiment with me and learn the different tools that make this possible.

What’s “brain-friendly?”
Brain-friendly is the term I use to describe two things: One is the way you engage the learning curves of technology. In my classes, I advocate that people realize their brains are doing a heavy work load to learn this stuff. If we pay attention to that, take good breaks, and get away from the computer regularly, we actually learn more, learn faster, and enjoy it. The other aspect is to make your content brain-friendly to your readership. This includes writing shorter posts, using white space, narrow columns, and other formatting tools.

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