Suzanna in Oklahoma looking over her shoulder at buffalo

The code here is “brain-friendly,” my key for serving community in the most human ways possible. I want more people on the playground, so I’ve built a local user group to soften the learning curves and help people meet in person. Bay Area Bloggers Society is an O’Reilly Media-sponsored user group meeting around the SF Bay area since 2008. See more at the Meetup, and don’t miss the Authors Go Public series of events!

I’m the author of fiction and nonfiction, with a stable of eBooks available on Amazon and a print book, “Little Shifts,” which helps people live a more imagination-centered life.

That photo, by the way, is me in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge, where I spent many hours as a child. The photo was taken in the 80s. I’m keeping an eye on the buffalo.

Artist, Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Brain Explorer, Cancer-wise

Artist. Core to “me” is the artistic drive. This has dictated many choices I’ve made, for better or worse, throughout my life. My art is a laundry list of activities, including collage (you’ll see lots of that on this site), small book making, wire figures, clay, painting, cartooning, and quilt making. I squeeze time for art in between the writing. Art is my pressure-release valve.

Writer. I could say it’s second nature, but maybe it’s first nature. I started writing stories before first grade. You can now read my serial fiction on Amazon, with the first episode of Cherry Tales called “Territory.” Have fun! Later I’ll tell you about my book, “Little Shifts,” which is about using your imagination to transform inner and outer culture.

I wrote a Manifesto for the Conscious Web Citizen, called Cloud Alchemy.

You can see it here: Cloud Alchemy

I’m excited to share my experiences changing my body and finally becoming fit and healthy over ten years after cancer. I tell you all about how I did that in The Sugar Divorce.

Blogger. The most exciting innovation tech has brought us, as far as I’m concerned. It is self publishing, and that is a very, very big deal. My first blog, “Brain Whisperers,” began in 2006. This was where I wrote about innovations in brain health, brain plasticity, and neuroscientists. Several small, short-lived blogs along the way, and then Great Adaptations, where I built up years of articles. I began teaching blogging and new media in 2008 when I founded Bay Area Bloggers Society, now an O’Reilly Media-sponsored user group with over 250 members. Now I focus mostly on teaching people how to write practical online content, and consult to get people up and running with their blogs. Using the most current tools to market your writing is something I talk about and teach in my workshops. I’ll be sharing lots of that here with you.

Speaker. This is a strange evolution. I was always quite a hermit writer type. Somewhere along the road between cancer and divorce, I popped out of my shell and into the public speaking realm. It’s just crazy how natural it is for me. I enjoy it a great deal, and you’ll be reading about my emerging career as I continue to travel and speak about cultural transformation, communication, and tools of connection.

Brain Explorer. I’ve studied the brain, brain health, oddities, altered states, moods, depression, ecstasy, brilliance, debilitation, well — all of it — for decades. This is an amazing time to know about the brain, because so much is known now that was never before suspected. I’m also excited about the “global brain.” To me, that’s the way people all over earth are now thinking collectively through tech tools like blogs and social media, and that’s why I get so excited about these tools. I talk about many aspects of the human brain and the global brain in my articles.

Cancer-wise (Veteran? Survivor? Is there a good word for it?) This is a new thing for me to write about. During treatment for an advanced, life-threatening breast tumor from 1999-2002, I wrote a book called “Strange Liberation.” I also wrote what was later published as “Little Shifts.” But the first book, which I intended to be a gift to others going through cancer, is still in a box. It has taken eleven years for me to become transparent about the slings and arrows of cancer. The story is still unfolding, but one thing I know I want to share with you is the simple fact that against all odds, I am still here. Every day I wake up, look at the morning light and think, “Wow. Check it out. I get an extra day.”

This is an extra day. I want to share it with you.

More about me later.


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