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Photos, Collage Art, and other mischief

Can you believe this is just my iPhone, standing on the trail where I walk? Unreal.

calla liliesThese calla lilies are bunched up behind the garbage cans at the top of the street I call “glute hill.”

beach and trees Tomales BayThe view of Marshall Beach on Tomales Bay, Point Reyes. I lived at Laird’s Landing, which faces Marshall Beach. It was pure magic.

Blog Post Photos and Collages

Again, many of these are from my iPhone. I’ll get more into this page as a little gallery as time goes on. You’ll also see some of my sketches, and my collages that I create to explain concepts to myself. I hope you enjoy them! Here are some you will see here and there:

moleskine journal with paper collage imagesThis is a moleskine journal I covered with paper collage imagery. I like this one.

moleskin journal with paris imagesThis is also a moleskine journal (reporter style). This one has lots of images from my Paris trip.

intense blue dots in a grid collageThese are from a larger collage which continues with these intense dots. I love grids. Grids with dots are even better. I could make these all day long. If only someone would pay me to do it.

9 fleurs de lis honoring 9 online innovatorsI made these nine fleurs-de-lis to honor the 9 innovators – you can see their twitter names underneath the individual collages. The post about it is on Great Adaptations here: 9 Notables

collage of dolphins and a genie bottle

And just for fun, here is the original book cover for my book, “Open Here,” which I then collaged over for the book cover for my poetry stuff I uploaded to Smashwords, titled 5-5-1-1. I really do things down-and-dirty low tech. Find a sunny spot in front of the refrigerator, tack up the collage pieces, shoot it with my iPhone, upload it as a book cover. Seriously.

Thanks for looking!



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